Enter Vocal.Media’s “Homecoming” writing contest for a chance to win $5K

Social engineering in wrong hands puts social media users at a disadvantage

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NewsBreak Introduces New Monetization Terms For Its Creators

  • Removal of base pay: We will no longer be offering base pay on any articles and/or videos that you publish. Instead, you will receive a monthly payout based on revenue generated from your qualifying content.
  • Elimination of CV Score: You will no longer be given a CV Score for written content and references to CV Score will be…

Vocal’s Summer Fiction Series Challenge With $52k In Cash Prizes

Here Is Vocal.Media’s $20k “Doomsday” Diary Writing Contest

Join Vocal.Media and enter True Color poem contest for a chance to win $2K

Google announces its mobile ads SDK changes will affect apps and revenue

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  • Before these versions become available, please consider updating API usage in existing apps per the migration guide below.
  • When GMA SDK version 8.0.0 (iOS) or 20.0.0 (Android) becomes available…

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  • Upload your video in YouTube Studio on desktop

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